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Marissa spent over a decade in Change Management Consulting leading a variety of initiatives around the world. When she developed neuropathy and several health problems began to pile up, Marissa was forced to completely change her diet. Overwhelmed and confused, she began to apply all the leading change models/frameworks to simplify her own health transformation with great success. The 5 Bites to Health was born!



Marissa became a Certified Health Coach and launched her Health Coaching practice in 2012. Marissa conducts individual and group coaching programs, workshops and enjoys guest speaking engagements to share her unique approach and support others in their journey to health.


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Want to change your eating a little or make a massive change?  Do you have a health problem, big or small? Whether food is the culprit or the cure, Marissa can help you make easy changes in your eating habits one bite at a time. 

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