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Change Bites!
Change Bites!

Emmy Nominated - Cara's Cucina

Host Cara DiFalco invited me to make my famous Flexi-Veggie Lasagna on the 1st and only Emmy-nominated YouTube cooking show! 

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Best selling book and radio show aimed at helping grow small business in America hosted by Don Mazzella.

The Entrepreneur Way


Host Neil Ball is helping entrepreneurs achieve the success they dream of!

A Fine Time for Healing


A podcast with top experts in the Field of Spiritual, Mental Emotional, Physical and Holistic Health hosted by Randi Fine.

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The Value of Employee Wellness

Find out why employee wellness is a valued investment! Check out this great article in Sunday's Business section from my interview with the Journal Gazette!  

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change doesn't have to bite!


The secret for HOW to change your diet and health!

Change BITES hits top of list for "9 Books On Dieting That Will Help You Achieve Your Body Goals This Year"!

Everyone tells you WHAT to eat but nobody tells you HOW to change.

In her new book! Change BITES, 5 Change Management Strategies to Transform Your Health, Marissa gives you a step by step process for how to change your eating habits and your health.

With a background in corporate change management, Marissa found the secret to changing your eating habits surprisingly lies in the practices of successful organizations adept at change. As a Change Management Consultant, Certified Health Coach, and survivor of her own health challenges, Marissa has broken down the process for transforming your health one bite at a time.


Master your inner health change skills using the 5 Bites to health to:

*  Create a Personal Health Vision.

*  Create a Personal Food Transition Plan.

*  Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Change.

*  Burst through your change barriers for immediate and sustainable results.

*  Apply your newly developed change skills to other aspects of your life for a total health transformation.

The secret is out. Now available on Amazon!

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Quoted in Forbes


See what Marissa had to say in Forbes, "Preventing Customer Illness: First Chipotle, Then McDonald's And Now Pret A Manger" 

 Regarding food allergies, there’s a lot at stake for restaurant chains, explains Marissa Costonis, a certified health coach and author of Change Bites: 5 Change Management Strategies to Transform Your Health. “Restaurants that commit to practices catering to customers with food allergies and sensitivities will not only keep their diners safe but will keep them coming back with a strong sense of loyalty,” she says.... 

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Radio Interview - "Business for Breakfast"

Thanks to the radio hosts of "Business for Breakfast" for a quick interview of Marissa and the 5 Bites to Health!

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Live Better, Longer

Thanks to Bill Borton, host of Live Better, Longer for this great interview!